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Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012

Although the most spectacular part of this eclipse wasn’t going to be visible in the Kansas City area (where I live), I made a last-minute decision to go ahead and try to get some photos of the partial phase. Since … Continue reading

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Farewell Brevard Community College

The close of this semester marks the end of my 3-year employment at Brevard Community College. I will miss students, faculty and staff at BCC. Students have been engaging and eager to learn about astronomy. Faculty and staff have always … Continue reading

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Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus

We had a nice conjunction of Jupiter and Venus last night. Conjunctions are fun, but of no scientific value. Conjunctions occur when two planets line up so that they appear next to one another in the night sky. In reality, … Continue reading

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Russian Drilling in Antarctica a Preview of Europa Exploration?

It was announced in the Washington Post this week that Russian scientists had drilled over 2 miles through the Antarctic ice to an ancient lake (Lake Vostok), buried under the ice for over 30-million years. “Russian scientists briefly pierced the … Continue reading

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MIT builds camera that can capture at the speed of light

A team from the MIT media lab has created a camera with a “shutter speed” of one trillion exposures per second — enabling it to record light itself traveling from one point to another. Using a heavily modified Streak Tube … Continue reading

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A New Interpretation of the Quantum Mechanical Wave Function

An interesting and ongoing major issue in physics is how to interpret the mathematics of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a mathematical theory that describes the workings of molecules and atoms, the properties of materials, and basically everything else that … Continue reading

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2011 Nobel Prize in Physics

It was announced today that the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics is being awarded to three astronomers for their work on the nature of the expansion of the universe.  The following is an excerpt from “The Nobel Prize in … Continue reading

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Particles Faster that Light?

A meeting at CERN, the world’s largest physics lab, has addressed results that suggest subatomic particles have gone faster than the speed of light. This could be big! News from CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research have created what … Continue reading

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Scales of the Cosmos

My astronomy students study objects and concepts at all these size scales. The clip below is from the IMAX movie Cosmic Voyage.  It takes you through over 40 powers-of 10 in size! A very cool interactive look at these scales … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Help With Astronomy Research?

Today, there are astronomy projects out there that are designed to get the general public involved to assist in real research. Two such projects are Galaxy Zoo, and Galaxy Zoo Supernovae. At Galaxy Zoo, hundreds of thousands galaxies in Hubble … Continue reading

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