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Farewell Brevard Community College

The close of this semester marks the end of my 3-year employment at Brevard Community College. I will miss students, faculty and staff at BCC. Students have been engaging and eager to learn about astronomy. Faculty and staff have always … Continue reading

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Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus

We had a nice conjunction of Jupiter and Venus last night. Conjunctions are fun, but of no scientific value. Conjunctions occur when two planets line up so that they appear next to one another in the night sky. In reality, … Continue reading

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A New Interpretation of the Quantum Mechanical Wave Function

An interesting and ongoing major issue in physics is how to interpret the mathematics of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a mathematical theory that describes the workings of molecules and atoms, the properties of materials, and basically everything else that … Continue reading

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Particles Faster that Light?

A meeting at CERN, the world’s largest physics lab, has addressed results that suggest subatomic particles have gone faster than the speed of light. This could be big! News from CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research have created what … Continue reading

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