Physics 1111 Khan Academy Videos

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy video links below are organized by chapter and cover some, but not  necessarily all the topics you will be responsible for.  They have been provided as an addition resources.  Many are captioned for the hearing impaired.

Suggested Unit One Videos:

Chapter 0 (Math Review)

Chapter 1 (Models, Measurement and Vectors)

Chapter 2 (Motion Along a Straight Line)

Chapter 3 (Motion in a Plane)

Chapter 4 (Newton’s Laws of Motion)

Suggested Unit Two Videos:

Chapter 5 (Applications of Newton’s Laws)

Chapter 6 (Circular Motion and Gravitation)

Chapter 7 (Work and Energy)

Chapter 8 (Momentum)

Suggested Unit Three Videos:

Chapter 9 (Rotational Motion)

Chapter 10 (Dynamics of Rotational Motion)

Chapter 11 (Elasticity and Periodic Motion)

Chapter 12 (Mechanical Waves and Sound)

Suggested Unit Four Videos:

Chapter 13 (Fluid Mechanics)

Chapter 14 (Temperature and Heat)

Chapter 15 (Thermal Properties of Matter)

Chapter 16 (The Second Law of Thermodynamics)