Physics 1112 Khan Academy Videos

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy video links below are organized by chapter and cover some, but not  necessarily all the topics you will be responsible for.  They have been provided as an addition resources.  Many are captioned for the hearing impaired.

Suggested Unit One Videos:

Chapter 17 (Electric Charge and Electric Field)

Chapter 18 (Electric Potential and Capacitance)

Chapter 19 (Current, Resistance and Direct-Current Circuits)

Suggested Unit Two Videos:

Chapter 20 (Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces)

Chapter 21 (Electromagnetic Induction)

Suggested Unit Three Videos:

Chapter 23 (Electromagnetic Waves)

Chapter 24 (Geometric Optics)

Chapter 26 (Interference and Diffraction)

Suggested Unit Four Videos:

Chapter 27 (Relativity)


Chapter 28 (Photons, Electrons and Atoms)


Chapter 30